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本文摘要:英语作文是学好英语关键,小学阶段是造就英语写作能力的关键期,小编整理了下面10篇小学英语的范文,多读多背诵影象,能很好地造就小学生的写作能力哦!1、My dog 我的狗I have a dog. My dog name is DuDu. DuDu is 9 years.(简朴先容) DuDu is fat. It wears a white coat. DuDu has two big eyes and two small ears. It has one short mouth.(外观)My dog is smart. I like my dog. Do you like it?(讲明态度,反问)【参考翻译】我有一只狗。

英语作文是学好英语关键,小学阶段是造就英语写作能力的关键期,小编整理了下面10篇小学英语的范文,多读多背诵影象,能很好地造就小学生的写作能力哦!1、My dog 我的狗I have a dog. My dog name is DuDu. DuDu is 9 years.(简朴先容) DuDu is fat. It wears a white coat. DuDu has two big eyes and two small ears. It has one short mouth.(外观)My dog is smart. I like my dog. Do you like it?(讲明态度,反问)【参考翻译】我有一只狗。我的狗的名字叫嘟嘟。嘟嘟9岁。



它有一个短嘴。我的狗是智慧的。我喜欢我的狗。你喜欢吗?2、City 都会This is Beijing .It’s in the north of china .It’s got fourteen million people .It’s very big .There is a very famous wall in Beijing .The Great Wall.It’s about six thousand seven hundred kilometers. And there is a famous square in the middle of Beijing it’s beautiful .(There be 句型,需影象)It’s Tian’an men square .I like Beijing .I want to go to Beijing one day.(I want to句型,需影象)【参考翻译】北京,在中国的北方,它拥有一千四百万人口。


我喜欢北京,希望有一天我可以去那里。3、My home 我的家My home is on the first floor. There are two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room. I’m a child. I have a nice bedroom. In my bedroom, there is bedroom, a closet, an air- conditioner and so on. My closet is green. My bed is blue. I love my bedroom very much.(总分的结构,先写大情况再写小情况)【参考翻译】我家是在一楼。



我的床是蓝色的。我很是喜欢我的卧室。4、My Classroom 我的课堂My classroom is nice and big . There are forty desks and chairs in the classroom. There are two black boards on the walls. And there are two pictures, too. My classroom has eleven lights and twelve fans. What color are the fans? (设问句形式好)They are blue. At the corner, there is a shelf, many books are in the shelf. I like the books very much.This is my classroom, it is very nice.(首尾呼应) I like my classroom very much. Do you have a nice classroom, too?【参考翻译】我的课堂很舒适很大。有40套课桌椅在课堂里。




这是我的课堂,这是很是好的。我喜欢我的课堂很是多。你是否也有一个很好的课堂呢?5、My bedroom 我的小卧室I have a small bedroom, it's on the third floor in my house. There is a small bed, a nice wardrobe and a small table in my room. The bed is on the left side of the table. The wardrobe is on the right, it is very beautiful. there is a lamp and a clock on the table, the lamp is green, the clock looks like an orange, it’s smart.(注意空间的形貌)My bedroom is small, but it’s very comfortable.【参考翻译】我有一个小卧室,它在我家的三楼。房间里有一张小床,一个很是好的衣柜和一个小桌子。



台灯是绿色的,闹钟是橘黄色的,很是时尚。我的房间很小,可是它很舒适。6、Good friend 好朋侪I have a good friend. She is a beautiful girl. She has long black hair, two big black eyes and a red mouth. (外貌形貌可背诵)Her voice is better. She is good at singing.She is a clever girl. She likes reading books, playing computer games and chess. She is also nice. She often helps us. Our classmates like her very much.(写人的文章框架:简朴先容-外貌-兴趣喜好或特长-发生的事情-关系)【参考翻译】我有一个好朋侪。




她经常资助我们。我们的同学很是喜欢她。7、My favorite fruit 我最喜欢的水果I like banana very much. Banana always grows in the warm area. It’s nice to eat, and it is good for our health.(好句子可影象)Like us, monkeys also like to eat bananas. You can see them is in the zoo. I’m a student. I like eggs and coconut. Because eggs are very good for me .It's very healthy. The coconut is a very sweet .The Hainan’s coconut is very great. I like them.【参考译文】我喜欢很是香蕉。




海南的椰子很好吃。我喜欢它们。8、Children's Day 儿童节The Children's Day this year is the most unforgettable one for me because I’ll soon graduate. Even though it doesn't come yet, I believe it must be the most unforgettable. I will no longer be a child once going to middle school.(好句子,可影象)What an unforgettable Children's Day!(叹息句型,须影象)【参考翻译】今年的儿童节是我最难忘的一个儿童节因为很快我就要结业了。只管现在还没有到来,但我相信他一定是最难忘的。


当我上初中的时候,我将不再是小孩子。何等有意义的一个儿童节呀。9、A day in my life 我最重要的一天My family lives on this street. In the morning, my father goes to work and all the children go to school. My mother takes us to school every day. She does the housework. She always has her lunch at home, and sees her friends in the afternoon. In the evening all the children come home from school. They always get home early. My father goes home from work and he is often late. After supper my two brothers and I do our homework. We go to bed at ten.(注意这篇的时态语法)【参考翻译】我家住在一条街道上。




我们在十点上床睡觉。10、The sea 大海What do know about the sea? Some people have seen it but others haven't.(好用的句子,可影象) The sea looks beautiful on a fine sunny day and it can be very tough when there is a strong wind. What other things do you know about it? Of course, the sea is very large. In the world there is more sea than land. If you have swum in the sea, you know that the sea is salty.Rivers carry salt from the land into the sea. Some places of the sea are saltier than the other places. Do you know the Dead Sea? It is so salty that you can’t sink when you are in the water! And fish cannot live in it!【参考翻译】你对大海相识几多?一些人见过它,但另有人没有见过。大海在晴天看起来很是漂亮,在大风天会变得很凶猛。






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